Shade Maker is a garden structure company that focuses on Trellises, Pergolas, and Arbors. Each structure is individually custom designed free of charge to enhance your existing landscaping or property and to best fit each customer’s needs.

Any shapes/sizes/styles can be made, anything you can draw, cut out, or describe will be made into perfect Acad computer drawings with guaranteed prices before any construction begins.

Shade Maker’s “Seven Wonders”

1. Free Estimates

Anything you can draw, cut from a magazine, or imagine will be made into custom A-cad Drawings. Up to three plans for each customer accurate to within 1/16″.

2. Accurate Quotes

Each plan has it’s own separate guaranteed price. This price includes all plans, consultations, materials, labor, and installation. You will know this cost before any deposit is made and it will not change.

3. Excellent Craftsmanship

All wood is notched top and bottom at every connection for strength and extreme long term durability.

4. Exceptional Prices

Shade Maker’s pricing, from plain to robust, is very competitive even when compared to the price of more simply built structures.

5. Fast Efficient Work

Superior tools, experience, and “product focus” enable Shade Maker to build faster, better, more precisely, and in greater variety than the competition.

6. Assembled On Time

Shade Maker knows time is important, so scheduling is a focus. We can build for special occasions like weddings or reunions and get it done on time.

7. Looks Great in Your Yard!

Non-Evasive installation comes standard as the cuts are done before hand. Leaving only assembly to be done on site. 1 or 2 days total.